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 Anthony only uses the best professional skin care and makeup products. Products such as Matis-Paris, which is a prestigious, internationally renowned, spa brand and has been devoting its expertise to beauty for 25 years. Anthony holds the same values of devotion and quality you'll find in all the products he uses.

Résponse Corrective: a range of products that correct expression lines and signs of ageing. For all women and men in search of a cosmetic response that treats expression lines for a visible result, as of age 30.

Résponse Temps: a complete, targeted, high-performance line that meets the specific needs of all women in search of an adapted response to treat the effects of ageing, the loss of elasticity, skins that have become dry or sensitive.

Résponse Yeux: a complete range created for the contours of the eye area, visibly reducing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. For anyone wanting to brighten up their appearance by erasing the signs of tiredness or ageing that are more visible around the eyes.

Résponse Homme: specially designed for men's skin, the new Réponse Homme basic and specific formulas are unique. They combine the excellence of the most effective active ingredients with the most delightful textures.

Résponse Délicate: a specific line of moisturising and nourishing skincare products for all sensitised or reactive skin. Designed for all women and men who want to soothe and care for their delicate skin.

Résponse Jeunesse for all women and men who wish to slow the damages caused by the passing time.

"I cannot begin to explain how much your talents, kindness and generosity have contributed to making me a happier person, confident and excited about being myself again!. I am so greatful to have found you! Thank you for everything"
- JoAnn

"Thank you for all of your make-up expertise! You truly are an artist. You have made applying my make-up a joy rather than the chore it once was. But most of all, thank you for teaching me how to care for my skin so no longer hide behind make-up but use it to highlight my best features. Once again many thanks for all that you do."
- Ashley

"What an amazing gift you have! That you took someone like me who hated make-up, the feel, the look of it, etc, and made me someone who actually enjoys wearing it every day. My Mom and I truly appreciate you and your artistry. We cannot thank you enough. You made my wedding day extra special."
- Helene

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